15 November 2016

Party Girl

Someone in our household recently turned 8!

Candle Blower
Look at her expertly holding her jello shot while blowing out her candle!

She wanted an Ant-Man themed party, so we did what we could.

Side Note:My kids seem to come up with non-mainstream themes for parties. I can't tell if they are trying to stump us or make us use our creative muscles, but we always accept the challenge.

Decorations were slow to come to us. I made a single papier-mâché ant. ... named Antony, of course. It would have been cool to make a huge papier-mâché Thomas the Train, like in the movie, but we didn't have that kind of time. I pasted an Ant-Man comic onto a protein powder jar because we had it in the pantry and it just happened to be the right colors. And Aubri and I used big brother's magic case to contain "Pym Particles" (silver and red gum balls).

Pym Particle Gum Balls

Luckily for me, Aubri was cool with a home made cookie cake. Half peanut butter and half chocolate chip.

Big Ant, Cookie Cake and Pym Particle Gum Balls

And we had jello shots. Red to get smaller and blue to get bigger... or something like that.

Jello Shots for the Birthday Girl

And there was a treasure hunt to find a lost container of Pym Particles (rainbow sixlets).


It was cute to see them reading the clues to find the next one.


The team worked together to find the Pym Particles and everyone got to fill individual bags with the particles.

Found Pym Particles
There was also soccer, tree climbing, chicken feeding and hanging out by the fire. Staples in our back yard.

Happy Birthday, Aubri!

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