16 October 2016

Starry Eyed

We harvested the remaining watermelon a couple of days ago when the temperatures dropped because we didn't want to gamble with that end of summer sweetness.

It's HUGE!
Originally I was going to get fancy and use a melon baller, but about 10 balls into the excavation, I switched to a scalloped serving spoon. Ain't nobody got time for that! Gutting the melon went a lot quicker then so I could get down to business. This melon was so gorgeous and "jack o' lanterns" have been a theme lately so...

Starry Eyed
This guy's a real smirker!
I ended up with a lot of juice (48 ounces) so I made watermelon syrup. I probably should have gone with Agua Fresca because it's tried and true, but I didn't have any limes, and I was already in "syrup" mode after making blueberry syrup earlier today for French Toast.

Waste not, want not.
I cooked the watermelon juice with sugar until the sugar dissolved and the liquid was concentrated down a little and I skimmed the foam off to keep it from turning brown. It smelled like squash in my kitchen when the syrup was cooking so I am nervous about the flavor. I'm not even sure WHAT to do with the syrup. Watermelon Mojitos? Watermelon Sodas? We'll see and report back...

Stars and Moonshine? (Nope, but I bet it'd be good with vodka!)
This jack o' lantern probably won't go the distance so I will try to snap a picture of it this evening lit up from inside.


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