10 October 2016

Let it Rip!

Someone recently turned 9 and requested a "Beyblade" birthday party. I thought we were past Beyblades a few years ago, but David was set on this theme for his party. His grandparents were cool enough to get him some Beyblade tops because his tops and arena were long gone, but we still needed an arena. And we did not have much time to create one.

Building the Arena

Scott got right to transforming a large tabletop into an arena.

David helped...
If we'd just had one more weekend, we could have painted it with bright battle colors.


The kids seemed to enjoy it anyway.


David let it rip!


Blowing Out the Candles!

Happy Birthday, David!


  1. Nolita, that last photo was the best! (Somehow those "puffed out cheeks blowing out the birthday candles" always take the cake.) Your lil' guy -- encroaching on "big guy" -- will remember this event and all the effort you put into celebrating HIM fondly! Sorry i've been so hit or miss commenting -- been gone nearly 6 months out of the last 9 this year. (!!!) I am SO ready to be in Oklahoma at last. LOVE seeing your posts, even if I don't make it to the peanut gallery very often. Still a reader, xo!

    1. Awww, I hope David remembers this for a long time. Occasionally I make the kids review the year(s) with me via the slideshows lest they forget the good times. It's a good thing for me too. I hope things are well in Minnesota and I hope you get to come home soon to see the leaves changing and to get a break. You are in my prayers, lady!


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