26 October 2016

Happy Campers

This past weekend we held a family camp out at my Dad's lake property for David's Boy Scout troop.  I wasn't looking forward to it because we have so many things going on right now, but it turned out to be a really nice time. The weather was perfect for camping!

3-Legged Race

Butterfly or Frog or Both?
There were a few times where things took on a "Lord of the Flies" feel, but that is normal with groups of boys, no?


Jack and Aubri
Jack and Aubri picked up where they left off years ago.... #budsforlife
In Perpetual Motion



So nice to have lake access so close to home so that the boys and their families could explore nature...


  1. Being by a lake and exploring Nature is a blessing, but witnessing the wonder through kids' eyes is a double blessing. (Or in your case, a whole troop full!) Fun pics, Nolita! Yay for this extended warm fall weather... ahhhhhhh.

    1. And you definitely know much about this, Kim. Yes, love the warm weather but I am liking the cool down too...makes me want to cook more things! This year Aubri's troop is not doing the fall camp thing because it was for 2 nights, and that is more than anyone can handle at the moment. In the Spring, we will likely have a camp out (1-night) with the girls. Curious about how different things might be.


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