05 September 2016

Working the Wood

Recently I was inspired by a wood project for the Fall.

Before I went in search of supplies for another pumpkin project,  I drew a crude pumpkin on plywood using an old copper pipe from the basement as a guide (the stem), then Scott cut out the pattern, and then the scrap wood against the pattern and basically everything else to make the pumpkin.


The kids watched as Daddy assembled things.

Making the Pumpkin

And lent helping hands when they could.

Making the Pumpkin

Here is the naked pumpkin. I thought it looked cool then, but I wanted a dark finish.

Almost Done

So I applied Danish Oil to the pumpkin and now it's gorgeous!

Dark Danish Oil Finish

I love it when a plan comes together.

Our pumpkin:

Finished Pumpkin
Installed on the Front Porch
As far as the concrete project goes, we secured some supplies.

Almost Ready to get our Concrete On

We were not successful in locating any jack-o-lantern plastic treat buckets, though.  Hopefully soon!

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