28 September 2016

Twenty Something

Tonight we celebrated TWENTY years of Wedded Bliss. (!!!!)

We went out to dinner and it was great in that there were people tending to our needs vice us shuttling the kids around or tending to their needs. It was soooo nice to have a quiet dinner (steak for him, Chicken Piccata for me) without complication or "extra" as Emi calls it.

After dinner we went to Campus Corner to check out the action. Volare had it's soft opening and was bustling with activity. We walked in and looked around for a minute, then headed out. I can't wait to check out the 4th floor view!  We ended up around the corner at Othello's where there was a Dewars12 vs Dewars15 contest tasting. I am not a Scotch (blended or no) aficionado but I enjoyed trying to connect to my Irish side with the samples. The bartender was kind enough to put some ice chips in my samples to help me out. I did not have a favorite of the two, but ended up ordering a Very Dirty Martini after sipping some of Scott's. Yum!

We listened to Joel Forlenza (Jazz and Blues Pianist/Singer) until the trivia games started and then we stayed for that. What a fun evening! We need to do this more often. Here's to the next 20 years!

I love you, babes

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