01 September 2016

Moon and Stars

So I have been checking on the watermelons daily and they are growing so fast!

Sweet Watermelons
They are easier to spot now...
They are all about the size of a football now.

Moon and Stars Watermelon
Look at that!
Scott pointed out yellow spots on the leaves and when we looked closer at the melons, we saw that they had yellow spots too.  I googled around looking to pin down the specific melon growing in my garden and stumbled upon the Moon and Stars variety. Pretty cool...

Moon and Stars Watermelon
Pretty melon and pretty leaves...
I was almost certain that this was what we have, but I have trust issues, so I dug around into my stash of seeds in the sun room and found that I had saved the envelope (along with a few more seeds).

Watermelon Seeds
Easy Growers
And THIS is why I thought they were the yellow flesh watermelon. That yellow spot is the "moon" in the watermelon galaxy. I sure hope we get to enjoy these beauties!

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