04 September 2016


So that unfinished, but not quite blank canvas above the bar got finished today. Recall last year when I was trying to get motivated to complete the painting using collaboration. That didn't happen because I have trust issues and with some folks that attend our gatherings, who knows what would end up on the canvas?

This is where we started, 4 years ago:

Blank Canvas
4 Years Ago!!!

Then a year later, there was some "progress" in that I hastily spread leftover yellow paint over the entire canvas.

3 Years Ago

A few months later, I painted over the yellow with one of my very favorite colors, and then promptly, nothing else for a couple of years. Note:I found the blank La Mer canvas very soothing.

Fresh Canvas
A couple months later
Somewhere along the way, I painted a fork and spoon set the same color as the canvas and these were on top of our mantel, across from the blank canvas. This seemed fine until I suggested to Scott that we place a shadow box of tiny Disney figures where Festus is, between the fork and spoon.

Stocking Goodies

We discussed installing the fork and spoon above the blank canvas and then Scott came up with the brilliant idea of combining the two.

Fork and Spoon
I love it!!!

He added two more support slats to the frame and then screwed the fork and spoon in from behind. 

Et voila! Fini!

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