13 August 2016

Comforting Food

So last night Aubri and I headed over to the best place in Norman to get special cheeses and delights - Forward Foods - and proceeded to pick out delicious items to nosh during our Girls Night In. We wanted to get some good soda and Horseradish Cheddar (which they sadly didn't have) so we had to drop by the house to put away the goods and head to the East side Homeland. Emi joined us for this leg of the trip and promptly shanghai'd our night of delicate delight noshing and instead led us down the "Cheeseburger and Ice Cream" road. We happily followed her down this road as we were starving by this point.  But hey, no regrets!

While "Burger Night" was a very successful endeavor, we still had our assortment of cheeses and smoked pepperoni on hand to enjoy. And truffle salt, but that is for another time. And we'd been to Walmart getting school supplies and suffered through the self checkout lane. #firstworldproblems We needed something a little comforting to make things right in the world again.

Smoked Delights
So, I sliced 2 chicken breasts in half and cooked them in olive oil with some Magic Mushroom seasoning, garlic powder and a light dusting of flour. After they were golden on both sides and cooked through, I took them out of the pan and added in a can of tomato sauce, fresh basil, dried parsley and garlic powder. When the sauce started to bubble, I added the chicken back into the pan.

Chicken in Tomato Sauce

I covered the chicken breasts with sliced pepperoni, smoked caciocavera and string cheese.

Pepperoni Chicken (Almost Done)

Then I covered the pan to let the cheese get all melty and stuff.

Mouth Watering Pepperoni Chicken

I didn't want to serve the Pepperoni Chicken with a lot of filling pasta, but I wanted a little something. Luckily we had a handful of bowtie pasta leftover in the pantry. Just enough to soak up some of that saucy goodness.

Pepperoni Chicken (Delicioso)

My belly is happy now...

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