12 August 2016

July Recap - Part 3 (Reuniting and It Feels So Good)

My 30 year high school reunion took place at the end of July and what a crazy weekend that was! I was caught between the excitement of seeing old friends and the reality that I hadn’t quite gotten into the shape I was planning on when the reunion weekend started. I decided to chill, not to worry, because we are all just humans, right? The planning committee met up a few times the week before the reunion to make decorations, update the cool sign we got for the 20 and determine award categories and prizes. Those were fun meetings!

Working on Centerpieces and Memorial Tree

And because it’s hot as balls here, I opted to wear shorts for the Friday icebreaker event. I wore my baby aqua linen shorts and gauzy tunic which worked for me in Key West last year (when it was also hot as balls). It was nice that I didn’t have to buy a new outfit for that event.  I worked the registration table so I got to lock eyes with my old classmates as they entered into the hotel. That was cool. I will say that I was only stumped by one alum and that is because 1) we didn't have classes together and 2) his photo was not in the yearbook (which I have become intimately familiar with as a member of the search team and website team).

Look at how organized we appeared to be! This and Halloween are the ONLY times I love orange and black!
For most of the evening I hung out at the front table while my husband brought me snacks and beer. I doled out name tags and collected money and visited with fellow alums in the hallway.

Later I walked around the conference room for a bit and took some pictures, but my camera was set on the "Artistic" setting so the pictures were not great (ironically). I posted them later that night anyway. It was cool even though we only had about 20% of our graduating class in attendance.

Psychodelic Setting

The next day I met a few of the alums at The Mont (of course) to go over the awards ballots and indiscriminately determine who the winners should be. We did a little more brainstorming about the awards and changed up the titles a bit.  After the awards were decided upon, some of us went home to take a nap and others of us went to the railhouse to decorate for the event.

Turin and Friends

For the Saturday event, I didn’t put a lot of thought into it, but I wanted to wear a dress with my black wedge sandals. I happened to find a dress that would work at the International mall in Tampa. It was loose and zipped in the back and the print looked like a peacock. It was in my size except for that it was labeled for a “TALL” gal. I thought the length was perfect so for $18.50, I was set. It was crammed into a bag in the back of our tiny car on the way back from Florida and didn’t wrinkle a bit, so I was more than pleased with it.

That night I worked the registration table as well, but I was able to buzz around the hall taking pics and vids to make up for my shortcomings from the night before.

Looking Back a Little
View from the Registration Table (that was our memory book from the 20)
And I helped a little with handing out the awards.

Tammy, Keith and Nolita
My dress doesn't look too long to me... 
My view from the awards table
At the end of the evening someone suggested we gather for a class photo... so we did.

Class Photo
I love it!
Afterwards, we broke things down and then dispersed out to various locations in Norman. I went home to get my flip flops (and almost talked myself into staying in) and then headed out to a nearby brewpub...

Nolita and Al

After Party at the Brewhouse

... and proceeded to close the place down. Talk about a one-eighty!

The next few days were spent poring over photos and uploading every one that crossed my desk or phone.

A few nights later, some of us met up for a smaller mini-reunion. It was nice to have quieter conversations with friends about the success of the reunion or rehashing high school.  The smaller reunions are definitely preferred to the bigger reunion, but I loved them all!

PubW Meetup

Can't wait until the next one!

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