05 August 2016

July Recap - Part 1 (Getting Down)

Sleepy Kids (Even the Furry Kid)
Getting There
It was a fairly full visit even though we didn't have anything really planned. We were able to log in some family time while in Florida.

We Are Family
Cousins, 2nd Cousins and 3rd Cousins
Visiting Uncle Jay
My Uncle Jay
We were always near water and that was fine with me. It's good for the soul.  We celebrated Independence Day with my cousin at her house on the river.

@ Cheryl's Bar

@ Cheryl's Bar on Alafia River

Alafia River

Alafia River
Sunset on the Alafia River
There was a very cool fireworks show and Scott even helped set off some fireworks.

Alafia River Fireworks

And we got in our beach time.  We spent a fair amount of time at this beach because it's good for fishing, kayaking and collecting shells.... and people watching.


I kayaked on both the bay and gulf sides trying to find manatee. No dice on the manatee on the bay side but we saw lots of birds and fish.

David is my go to kayaking buddy.
The next day on the gulf side, we got lucky and saw a pair of rays and a lone manatee. The pair of rays were so gracefully gliding through the water. I kept trying to get the kids to go under with their goggles to see them but they didn't get there in time. It was pretty cool!

Can you see them?
We chased the manatee down the beach and saw his cute nose when he surfaced once. Aubri saw a mommy and baby dolphin when she went kayaking with her Aunt Dee also.

Kayaking with Aunt Dee
I can still hear the ocean...
Part 2 coming up...

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