28 August 2016


We threw some old watermelon seeds into the raised bed garden a few weeks ago - I think they were the yellow watermelon variety - and soon we had a monster vine growing onto the rocks on the East side of the pool.

Sweet Watermelon
Pretty leaves on a pretty vine.
I checked for fruit and found a lot of dried up watermelon starts like this in mid-August.

This part of the vine is on the lawn so it wasn't dried out due to the hot rocks.
Then, last week I checked again and found a baby watermelon about the size of a hacky sack on a vine growing across the rocks! It was probably forming when I took the picture above.   I moved the vine onto the lawn so that the little melon wouldn't fry on the rocks.

Sweet Watermelon Babies
My Furry Baby
A couple of days later when I was watering and checking on my melon, I found two more babies ... bigger babies.

Sweet Watermelon Babies
How could I have missed those 2 bigger melons? Well, they were very camouflaged under the leaves.
Watermelon babes
Middle Melon
Watermelons require 65 to 90 frost-free days to reach harvest so I may have to cover some melons in plastic this fall. Or maybe these are of the fast maturing variety? We'll see....

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