27 August 2016


Back in mid-May, my beautiful cilantro bolted.

Bolted Cilantro
Still smelled so good!
Meaning that the plants flowered and grew seeds. They do that in hot weather to survive.  As much as I was harvesting the cilantro, it just wasn't enough, so they bolted. And when cilantro bolts, the leaves rapidly lose their flavor. *sad face*

So a couple of weeks later, I had coriander, sort of.

Coriander Seeds
Berries or Seeds or Both?
I still had to wait a few more weeks for the plants to begin dying and drying out.

I cut down the dried stalks and put them inside a paper bag. I harvested the seeds inside the bag (so as to not make a huge mess and to help catch the seeds) and put them into a jar to use later.

Coriander - Berries or Seeds or both?
Smells like a mild cilantro.

Coriander - Berries or Seeds or both?

Not sure what I will cook with it first, maybe tandoori chicken?

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