26 June 2016

Photo Op

Yesterday a childhood friend of mine took me and my sister-in-law for a ride up high over Norman.

Up and Away

We were stoked at the opportunity ... even though his plane is 5 years older than me! Yipes!


It was hot and breezy up there but also so very cool!


East Highway 9
Construction on Highway 9 East

We left the party below to take a quick ride up in the sky! It was so cool to see things from this view. Earlier I saw Brent and Christi fly over twice before they made it to the lake party.

Lake Party in Progress
Lake Party in Progress...
They looked sorta like this:

Fly By
That's us!

Every once in a while Brent would point out a place where he could land if he had to. We were very impressed!


What a great photo op!

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