17 May 2016

Urban Farm Girl

My compost garden looked pretty impressive until you looked closer and see that the healthiest plants growing in there were Hedge bindweed (Calystegia sepium), Black medic (Medicago), also called trefoil, black clover or hop clover, polk weed, johnson grass, etc...

Compost Garden?
Before the Weeding

So I got in there and excavated weeds, turned the soil, transplanted some plants I found worthy to keep and clipped branches from my trees to allow more sun to my garden. I ended up with 4 tomato plants, 5 or so potato plants, some sort of squash, a sunflower plant and some cilantro. And some very healthy soil.

Compost Garden Revealed
Now I don't have to buy any plants for that garden...

Elsewhere in my yard there are figs, berries, hops and nuts, as well as pretty flowering plants.



Hanging in There


Lambs' Ears

Passion Flower

In my containers, I am trying to grow more purple plants and make my string of pearls grow longer... I might need to check out what's available at the Farmer's Market soon too.

Love this time of year!

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