23 April 2016

Boozin' it Up in the House

A few weeks ago I bought some cheap vodka to replenish my low supply of vanilla extract.

I only had 2 amber bottles to refill so I used a clean jar for the remainder vanilla beans.

I put the rest of the bottle in the freezer for safekeeping. Then the other day as I was taking the heated mattress pad off of our bed, I thought about an article I read about spring cleaning a mattress with vodka.

What a great idea! As I was spritzing our mattress with vodka, I thought about how the scent was like some of the hair spray I used in the 80's. Girls just wanna have fu-un!

Then I ran out of rubbing alcohol when I went to dye some bowtie pasta for the derby party.  I subbed with vodka and that was another cool use of the cheap vodka.

Colored Bowties
Still not sure how we will utilize these colorful bowties, but we shall see...

Then, yesterday when I was transporting Asian salad and lumpia rolls to the Little Ones' school for a teacher appreciation lunch, some of the dipping sauce (soy sauce/white vinegar/garlic) spilled in the back of my car. No problemo. I put some vodka in a squeeze bottle and attacked that stain like Billy Mays. Now I am out of vodka!

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