05 November 2015

Mummy's the Word

I was sick with a head cold most of last week, but David really wanted to go to the Mummy and Son Masquerade Dance with me the night before Halloween, so I rallied and we went for the short dance.

Totally 80's Mummy and Power Ranger Son

The decorations were cute and there was a bounce house for the boys to get out their extra energy. Like that is at all possible for David. We got the t-shirt and the photo (hopefully to arrive in the mail soon) but it wasn't what I would call "enjoyable". Luckily we were only there for a little over an hour. We grabbed a bite to eat afterwards - just the two of us - and that was nice.

Looking forward to next year when we are going to get a group together to make it more fun for the mummies (and the sons).

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