16 August 2015

Locally Sourced Inspiration

Last night we were finally able to carve out some time to attend the Norman Art Walk. We didn't do any research on what to expect, we just got into the car and went downtown.

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city 
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty 
How can you lose? 
The lights are much brighter there 
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares 
 So go downtown 
Things will be great when you're downtown 
No finer place for sure, downtown 
Everything's waiting for you

Walking the Tracks
I would have liked to have gotten a better photo of us on the tracks, but it was hot and humid and some of us were getting hangry.

Acting Like Hobos
We checked out the food trucks, and secured Irish nachos and real Coca Cola for the Little Ones, and some Shrimp and Scallop Etouffee for us. The etouffee was the only food I'd heard about beforehand and it was just okay.... maybe even forgettable (said in a British accent) so we went off in search of some cold beer.

Have a Coke and a Smile

We found cold Modelo at a nearby gas station, and then we meandered across Main Street to check out the Farmer's Market and hula hooping by the band setting up.

Hula Hoops
Before the Skinned Knee Incident
Turned out to be our lucky day as we met some local beekeepers (we might buy bees from them!!!) and a nice Filipino woman selling plants and veggies. I bought a Mother-in-Law's Tongue plant that I have been wanting for a long time.  

On our way back to the Art Walk, we got sidetracked by sidewalk chalkings about "free food" and "this way". The signs took us to Earth Rebirth (ER) and I was thrilled to talk to someone who could implement a community garden or park. I am hoping that Aubri's Girl Scout troop will be able to participate with ER in reviving their school garden too.

Some art was displayed behind locked doors like this beautiful piece made from wood.

Hidden Art on the Art Walk
Object d'art

When we were heading back to the car, we passed by my first solo apartment and in the furniture store below, we saw this:

I want to make a light like this for the library!!!

We weren't at the art walk for very long, but we left with contacts and inspiration. Here's to the next art walk!


  1. Nolita, (totally unrelated to this post) your vacation adventures and photos were such a pleasure to read and see. Sorry I didn't comment on them much (if at all) -- busy month -- I was in "lurking" mode. ;) It's so wonderful to hear about the things you do with your family. You 'n' that man o' yours are excellent parents! This trip "downtown" (love that Petula Clark song...) makes me wish I lived closer to the big city, if only to eat an Irish nacho, lol! (Can you give me a hint as to what was in them?) Also, that lamp is GORGEOUS and I admire you for considering a DIY version for your library. You are an amazing woman.

    1. Hi Kim, yes, love that song too. And no, we are not excellent parents. We try and fail daily but they learn (we learn) from that too. I think we're all alright most days. Let's see with the Irish nachos, I have a better picture from which to search my memory. Just a sec...be right back here or on FB.


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