08 August 2015

Life at My Mom's House

Looking back at the pictures from our vacation, it seems like it was years ago.  <Sigh!> I miss being able to sleep in while someone else dealt with my circus, my monkeys.

Life inside my mom's house centered around a new puppy. Someone dumped this cute little doggie and my sister's big dogs thought he was a toy for them. They worked night and day trying to extract his little squeaker!


And this countertop was always full of food! Every time I got it edited down to a manageable amount of stuff, and wiped down, more stuff showed up!


There were selfies with the newly minted TEENAGER!!!

You can tell we are getting a sufficient amount of Vitamin D here. 

The Little Ones hunted for lizards just like we did when we were their ages.

Hunting Lizards

I discovered new flora.

Random Tiny Flower in My Mom's Yard

The gamers had their own lair.


And there was a crazy amount of pork. Even when I tried to force a break by "forgetting" the sausage at the grocery the night before this:

Making Sausage Gravy
My brother and mother making sausage gravy.
And there were sweets. Everyone had their own delights.


There was time just to hang out and do nothing.


And there was more pond fishing.


We tried to recreate the Coppertone shot into a drink. It was pretty good.

Tasting the Coppertone Shot


Nowadays we are enjoying the pool when we can (because it's crazy hot) and counting down the days until school starts. (There are TWELVE!)


  1. I am just in shock at the kids and how big they have gotten. I know I mentioned it in my last comment. But dang! They are so adorable. Looks like fun was had by all at your mom's house. I love the last pic of you and your honey. It is a great shot of y'all. BTW, the little ones are not so little anymore mama. haha

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I know about the kids. They are bigger and louder with each passing year. Good to hear from you!


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