05 February 2015

Recovery Period

A few years back we invested in a lovely red sectional to fill up our Living Room. Life was GOOD!

Fast forward 5 years and 2 more kids, our couch has seen better days...

Flaking Furniture
For the record, Gracie doesn't mind the flaking leather...
It's not in the budget to replace the sectional, so we are trying something else. Scott reupholstered one piece with an outdoor fabric he got at the local fabric store. He removed the peeling bonded leather from the seat and then stapled the new fabric onto the seat.


For the top/back part of the chair, we simply tucked the fabric under the pillow and hot glued the fabric behind.  We decided to only recover one piece of the sectional so we could run some stress tests to see how the fabric holds up (or on as the case may be).


I like the way it turned out and I will be very happy not to have to vacuum up any more leather flakes!


  1. Whew! What a project, and what great results. I'm also relieved to find out your title pertained to furniture and not health -- clever writing, Nolita! Russ once had a recliner that was held together by duct tape and it "poofed" out' foam rubber crumbs every time he sat down. (I hear ya on vacuuming, ha!) Great save!

    1. Sorry to worry you. How are you?


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