26 February 2015

Fast and Full (and Fabulous) February

As per usual, February has been a busy month.  This year we had more than the usual stuff scheduled. Scott made a life long dream come true by taking the Little Ones to the Monster Truck show.


Emi and I bowed out of that excursion...

Then there was the Valentine Dance with my parents. We don't really celebrate Valentine's and we don't really dance so that was different.


It involved a big band and a disco ball. And a discussion to re-take the ballroom dancing sessions we took over 10 years ago....


On Saturday there was a family wedding at the Marland Mansion. More pictures can be found here.


The adventure didn't stop there. Me and the girls sold Girl Scout cookies as the cold front came through on Sunday.

Selling Girl Scout Cookies

That was BRUTAL with the wind freeze drying us out.
Selling Girl Scout Cookies
Emi selling cookies to Buddy Hield

Then there were some snow days and a birthday...

Birthday Cake

February was C-R-A-Z-Y busy.... looking forward to the ides of March...


  1. Cool. (Literally!) Hope you're staying warm as Round Two (three? four?) commences, Nolita! Your kids look adorable, your gents look FINE in their finery, and that birthday cake has me drooling. :) I hear ya on indulging in the comfort food feedbag... somethin's gotta give soon! (Hopefully the weather...)

    1. It was brutal again this week but then today... ahhhhh. Outside chores and a bike ride after the basketball games. I hope you guys got some of this good weather too!


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