18 January 2015

Sunday Funday

Today was gorgeous! We went to church, then afterwards met my parents at Ray's Smokehouse for some always yummy BBQ.

After lunch, Aubri and I got busy in the yard digging up a space for the Peace Tulip bed. I wish I could say we finished this effort. I got a nice outline shoveled out, but we found quite a bit of landscaping cloth underground with weed roots embedded so we did what we could for a while, and then we punted to go on a bike ride around campus.

I have 118 tulip bulbs to incorporate into this garden:
  • 54 'Clouds of Cotton' (purple and white)
  • 18 'Jelly Bean Jumble' (multicolor)
  • 18 'Wowie Kazowie Blend (multicolor)
  • 18 Red Impression
  • 10 Purple Prince

Tomorrow, we will finish weeding and turning over the soil and get busy planting bulbs. Maybe in the Spring we'll have a cool photo op in this corner of the yard.
This is the before picture....
Before we headed out on our bikes we treated ourselves to a nice indulgent treat, the Detoxinista's Vegan PB shake. We didn't have all of the ingredients on hand, so we improvised. Into the blender went 5 frozen bananas, 4 TBSP cocoa, a couple of TSP vanilla, 1/2 C. peanut butter and unsweetened coconut milk, and out of the blender came deliciousness. I didn't add salt or syrup or ice and it was very, very good. The 80% of my family unit who partook in this treat LOVED it. And I did not feel guilty about giving them a sweet treat because there was no sugar involved.

That bike ride was long overdue and a glorious way to enjoy the 70's temps (in January!!!).

And speaking of glorious - check out my sunset...

Looks like the woods were on fire, but it was just the sky on fire. Gorgeous! Great way to spend the day. Hoping for a repeat on some of the day's activities tomorrow....


  1. It was a beautiful day! I went on two walks!! One alone and one with Alice while Elaine napped with her daddy.

    Tulips are so pretty - definitely one of my most favorite flowers. I can't wait to see how your tulip bed turns out. I thought you had to plant all bulbs in the Fall...? Is that not true?!

    1. That is true, Melissa. I totally spaced on planting the bulbs back in November. I think though, that because Oklahoma is wonky weather-wise, I might still get some blooms. If not, I will only be out $14.00 and 2 days of labor. My thumb is only light-green so I have to keep my fingers crossed. Enjoy another lovely day!


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