05 December 2014

O Christmas Tree

After Thanksgiving we had big plans to visit a local tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree, Griswold style.

Christmas Tree Farm


Looking for Perfect Tree

Unkempt Trio

The tree farm had been open for only a day and all of the fir trees were gone! We trekked around looking for a tree to take home (to no avail). But then we ended up trekking to Walmart where the fir trees were only $29!  And rang up for only $20!!!


Kiwi ornament from Best Neighbors Ever!

Whatcha Got There?
Gracie begging (as per usual)
After the tree was adequately adorned, we lined the kids up for a cheery photo...

Not Happy
Gracie's wondering what is wrong with the little female human.
Whoops! I can't remember why Aubri was upset...


The countdown to Christmas has begun!

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