14 December 2014

Just Finding Out

Last night at dinner, the youngest family members found out something "new" about themselves. Emi was talking about a group of girls in her class and after she listed them by name, Scott asked her if they were all black (based on their names). Emi repeated the names of the 3 or so girls who were not black.

Then David chimed in with "That's weird" and when we asked him what was weird, he said that there were so many blacks in Emi's class. Then we moved on to discuss the various shades of brown in Emi's group of friends, and David started pointing at Emi saying "Emi's black", sort of teasing her. 

That's when Scott said "Guess what, David, you're black too." David looked surprised and said "What?!" We explained that because his birth father is black, he is half black. He looked confused even though he's always known his Papa Dave.

We explained the term "mixed" and that his Mama Bri is white and Papa Dave is black so he is "mix". I explained that I am also "mix" because Lola is Filipino and PeePaw is white.

‎So we were reiterating that he is half black when Aubri pointed at David snickering about his also being black. David said "I'm coffee with cream!" That's when we let her know that SHE is black TOO! The look on each of their faces when the realization hit was priceless.

By the end of the discussion, we all agreed that Emi is "milk chocolate", David is "coffee with cream" and Aubri is "kid coffee".


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    1. Yes, and Aubri looooooves her kid coffee too. I wish we had video of the whole interaction. Was reminiscent of The Three Stooges....

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    1. They certainly can be! Hi Aunt N. Michole.


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