11 October 2014


So, a couple of weeks ago, Scott and I stepped out for a breakfast date after we dropped off the kids at their respective schools. We had a few hours in which we could luxuriate in a booth being served breakfast cooked especially for us. We ended up at The Diner for the first time in a long while.

Hello, Oathbreaker!

After the huge, stick-to-your-ribs meal, we made our way to Walmart to get supplies for David's Treasure Hunt themed birthday party.  We were at Wally World for about 15 minutes, getting into the groove of finding cool stuff, when the school called. We were totally expecting it was an issue with David (as he seems to know how to crash "mom and dad" time even when not physically with us), but this time it was Aubri. Our poor little Kindergartner had thrown up at school.  You can just imagine our response to that.

So we curtailed our shopping trip and went to the school to retrieve our little girl. She was not thrilled about going home either, so she threw a fit in the nurse's station. We explained that we would rather her stay in school too (if only) but when a child throws up, she is not allowed to stay at school. She was fine the rest of the day at home with ginger ale and her V-tech handy,  and we were able to work on the party stuff still in relative peace. It wasn't the romantic day together that we had planned, but it worked out. We still had to tag team run errands...

We filled an old decorative suitcase with goodies, then slipped that into an airtight plastic case and buried it in the "garden". Scott made up clues for the kids to find leading them to more clues. It was so cute to see the kids running across the yard looking for clues and hidden treasure.

Excavated Treasure

After the kids enjoyed the spoils of their hunt, we played a quick round of Make the Pie Fly. That game never gets old at our house! I used smaller plates and we managed to only use up part of a can of whipped cream.

The First Pier

After the party, it was more fun for the family.  Some friends hosted Oktoberfest a couple of blocks away and that was such a nice time. It was great to be surrounded by mostly adults. The kids had a good time and we had a good time and there was no vomit! (Success!)


Scott and the Didgeridoo
Scott didgeridooing...

Kricket and Kevin
Late in the Evening

The next day was our anniversary so we celebrated by taking kids to separate sporting events, of course. Since then, we've been inundated with team sports and scouts and ...


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