14 September 2014

Welcoming Fall

Crimson Mum

Caramel Apples

Look Up in the Sky

Look Up in the Sky

Caramel Apples
My Goofballs!
The weekend started off with a cool concert. Old Crow Medicine Show kicked off their tour in Midwest City. I was not familiar with any of their music except for Wagon Wheel and I remember Emi singing "rock me mama like a southbound train" when she was just a little thing. Scott has been a fan of OCMS for a long time.

Of course I LOVE Darius' version too!

I just happened to hear on the college radio station that they were coming to Oklahoma. Scott told me that Gill Landry was supposed to be with them and I had no idea who he was, but if he was stoked, I was too. Apparently he was with Kitchen Syncopators. So we were treated to an awesome high-energy concert in a small venue which is just what we like. The Deslondes opened for OCMS and they were pretty good, but OCMS was plain awesome.

Saturday, after 2 soccer games and a basketball practice, we enjoyed the football game from the comfort of home. I roasted more Hatch Chiles for a batch of green chili that was too spicy for the kids but just right for the adults. I used this recipe as a guide but I tweaked it just a bit to what I had on hand. I was trying to recreate a friend's green chili recipe but I wanted to add a little more to it.

12 Hatch Chiles (roasted, peeled and diced)
1 Onion (diced)
5-6 Garlic Cloves (pressed)
1lb. Ground Beef
4 cups Water (approx.)
2 cups chicken stock
1 can diced Tomatoes
1 bag Frozen Corn
Roasted Cumin
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cook the diced onion in olive oil until almost translucent and then add in the ground beef and garlic. When the beef is mostly browned, add in the diced chiles and diced tomatoes and 3 cups water. Season with the roasted cumin, salt and pepper. Taste, then decide to add in 2 cups of chicken stock and a leetle bit of cornstarch to thicken things up. Toss in the frozen corn and bring to a delicious boil. Scarf down 3 bowls and then feel good about getting all of that wonderful vitamin C.

Today was another busy day with kidlet activities so I am ALMOST ready for back to work to have a little break...almost....

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