08 September 2014


So I mentioned before that I don't have a Pinterest account because I have a hard enough time keeping myself directed as it is. But that doesn't mean I don't want to pin interesting things for later. That's what my handy, dandy blog is for (sometimes).

The recent cooler weather makes me want to try these recipes (some of these are just in time for tailgating!) :

Music that's been in my BlackBerry (old skool) to get:
  • Urban Cowboy soundtrack. I have the cassette and but I want to be able to play Darlin' over and over again like I used to with a friend when we were leaving In Cahoots at the end of penny beer night
  • Diamond Rio. Also from boot scootin' days gone by. A few weeks ago I heard they were on tour (!!) so I went looking for my old cassette of theirs when I found another treasure that I have been listening to for days now. 
  • Sammy Kershaw. I was not a huge fan but Third Rate Romance has such a good melody for dancing (or vacuuming).
  • Paul Simon. I have a few PS cassettes that work just fine, thank you very much. But I think we only have ONE Simon and Garfunkel song in the old digital library. I must correct this deficiency soon! Side Note: Since I found my Negotiations and Love Songs tape, I am inspired to paint "St. Judy's comet" for David. It's on my list to draw/paint now and when I googled around for Paul's inspiration I found another treasure.  This one isn't another cassette, but rather an article on Paul's son, that "St. Judy's Comet" Kid.
  • More Willie Nelson - I put Just Breathe into a list on my BlackBerry ages ago and I still haven't gotten that song. I don't recall where I heard it but I knew I needed it. Probably on the road to any smaller town in Oklahoma over the holidays some year. Actually, I heard a female singing a song by the same name and when I googled it I found Willie's song.
  • Anna Nalick. Just Breathe
  • Sheepdogs.  Southern Dreaming. Learn and Burn.
  • Frazey Ford September FieldsFirecracker
  • Meghan Trainor - heard this song a few weeks ago with my daughter and think I need Like I'm Gonna Lose You
  • Bruno Mars - love my brother from another mother... 

What about you? Any good food or music that interests you? Care to share?

P.S. I think they should call it "Pinspiration".  I am more than interested, I am inspired so...

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