01 September 2014


On Saturday, for the first game day of the season, the hubs and I walked up to Campus Corner in the sweltering heat with my SIL and BIL to participate in the tailgaiting fun. Normally, I opt to stay home on game days, enjoying the camping aromas of grilling out from a safe distance, but we hadn't been away from the children in a few days and we needed a teensy break.

Me and Tessa
It was fun to partake in the festivities (drink beer) and watch the girls - foolishly wearing cowboy boots in near triple digit temps -grimace with each step after clomping around the campus sidewalks all day. Not me! I wore sensible shoes!

It was only much, much later, after I called "Uncle" from the festivities and tromped my way home, that I started grimacing...

And yesterday, we went on a family bike ride around campus to see what things look like after game day. I was expecting things to be pretty trashed out but I was pleasantly surprised. While it was still very hot, it was nice to get on the bikes and check out our little neck of the woods.

Everyone's Together


Closed Down
Orient Express was a cool place in the late 80's... 

Chevron Scarf
I need this scarf!

Borrow a Book
Or not...

Vintage Garden
Love this place...

Vanilla Milkshake at Diamond Dawg
We stopped for milkshakes at Diamond Dawg's

Snoozing Student
Why didn't I think about this when I was a student? I need a portable hammock...

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