24 August 2014

Weekend Roundup

We went to a friend's birthday party at the skating rink wherein I played it safe remaining skates-less, and the hubs showed that he still had what it took (in the 7th grade).

Rylan's Skating Party
Yay Daddy!


Hugging the Wall

Emi and her friends
After the skating rink, we headed over to another friend's house for a BBQ housewarming (and I failed to get any pictures!), then we went to another friend's home for his last outdoor movie night of the summer. ;.(

What were we discussing?
I SO enjoyed talking to these ladies!
The kids watched Frozen while the adults socialized around the yard. It was a nice gathering with friends.

Enjoying the Night

It wasn't long after this picture when my folks called for help because their car had broken down out in BFE on the way home from one of their dances. It was funny to head out to give them a jump when all I kept thinking about was how the roles were reversed. We gave them a jump to start their car and headed back home. Today was a lazy day (not really) consisting of kitchen cleanup, trip to Sam's and not much else... Sunday Dread has kicked in so I've bookmarked some recipes I want to try soon and I'm signing out.

Recipes to try:
Hope you have a wonderful week, friends! I am looking forward to a long next weekend already...

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