31 August 2014

Not So Sketchy

‎Yesterday, after I published my draw-rings post, I added 'watercolor paper' to the list of things to get. Just now, while I was down in the basement switching out loads of laundry, I spotted my drawing valise. When I went to check inside for more drawings, I came across an old (and unused by the looks of it) set of watercolor pencils and an unused pad of watercolor paper. (papier-d'aquarelle). Comment fortuite!

Endless Possibilities

In my cache of goodies, I also found a small sketch pad that I got for on-the-go drawing. Hee Hee. I guess I thought I was going to get serious about this drawing thing. I also guess now I should probably try my hand at what I was passionate about (at least fleetingly) 10 years ago.

I also found my tennis bag down there, guys!

In case you are in need of a good laugh:

Self Portrait
 Looks a bit anime-ish, like Go, speed racer, goooo.

Baby Girl


Not so bad... there may be hope for me yet.
 Ok, so this last one shows some potential although I'm not considering giving up my day job.

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