11 August 2014

Chi Town

Ten years ago when Emi was two, we road tripped to Chicago to visit my cousin and meet her new baby, Jovi and see my mom who was there visiting a friend. We drove straight through and even though we were tired when we got to our seedy hotel, we wasted no time in getting some deep dish pizza.

Deep Dish Pizza Pie in Chicago
Deep Dish YUM!

Deep Dish Pizza Pie in Chicago

We could barely eat one slice each, but that was enough. We were close to a police station but we never felt safe in the skeevy hotel room. We were fairly certain that there were hookers and drug dealers hangin' around outside. Early the next morning my mom and her friend rescued us and took us to my cousin's house where we stayed the rest of the trip.

Emi touching Baby Jovi
Scott went to a White Sox game with Jorge and I can't remember what us ladies did while the guys were away. Shoe shopping or eating, I'm sure. Or maybe just petting the new baby.

And one day we went on a river cruise tour of the "Windy City".

River Cruisin'



We went to the Navy Pier...


...and Chinatown...

Chinatown Summer Fair 2004

Dim Sum in Chinatown!

Dim Sum in Chinatown

Baby girl worked the chopsticks and had some Jasmine Tea for the first time.

Working the Chop Sticks in Chinatown

At night we went to Millennium Park


Late Night Dessert in Chicago

We also went to the John Hancock Center.

At the John Hancock Center Observatory

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan

Chicago Skyline

It was a quick trip and I failed to get a real hot dog while in Chicago, so when we got back home, we got a box of Chicago style hot dogs from Classic 50's Drive In complete with the relish and shared those plus our adventure stories with friends and family back home.

Now that I've had my own trip down Memory Lane, I am itching for a road trip...


  1. Hey if you ever go back let me know its only a few hours away from me


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