02 July 2014

Quick Quick Slow

My life is a waltz.  A Viennese Waltz. Quick, Quick, Slow.

Quick – Up. Run. Walk. Shower. Eat.  Work. Work. W-O-R-K. Ding!

Quick – Home. Dinner. Clean. Organize. Kids. Bath. Bed Time. Dammit, Jimmy time.

Slow – Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

I am working on the slow part, the smelling the roses part, the breathing part… and I’m taking David with me.


  1. Life with kids is so much busier! You need a free day - a babysitter day :)

    1. I agree, Melissa. We have a couple of date nights set up to see friends perform around Norman soon so I plan on it taking advantage of our built-in babysitter for a couple nights this month. I hope you are feeling better!


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