23 May 2014

The Lawn and Short of It

Remember a couple of months ago when a little yard work turned into a little more?

Blank Slate

Our patch of dirt was smoothed and leveled (somewhat) and then we put fresh sod down...

Post Sod

Well, do I think it was worth it? I was not so sure as I was wrestling with the reel lawnmower 2 times over the last week, and lovingly extricating weeds and other undesirable grass species from the yard. But after that was done (for this iteration), I felt it was worth it. We needn't think we can "set it and forget it" just because we re-sodded though.

Front Lawn

The grass-to-weed ratio is a lot better than before and I was able to walk on the lawn barefoot. That was nice. And the lawn is way more level and healthy than in previous years, so yes, it was worth it.


  1. Grass looks great! We've had to really work with our yard to grow grass (still working on this!) and get rid of a ton of sticker bushes. They were seriously out of control, so much so that we had to call in the professionals. Pricey, but worth it to not be dragging stickers into the house!!!

    1. We have everything but stickers in town. When we were out in the country we had sticker galore and there was no hope but I was still out there constantly digging them up. Those stickers can lay dormant in the ground for ridiculously long periods of time, like years. And those stickers hurt on the way in and out. Good call on getting the pros involved.


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