24 May 2014

Tag Sale Finds

Today after we renewed our Driver's Licenses (*shiver*) and dropped off 2 children at the mall, we had some time to kill so we drove around checking out local tag sales. The Little Ones scored the best deals because they continuously got free stuff from the hosts of the sales.  I think it's the curly hair. 

At the first sale, I spent 50 cents and scored some mini roses that will come in handy for the next Derby Party and She's Come Undone.  

Not Too Bad
At the next sale, I spent a little more, $2.50 but I was really taken by these hand made pot holders.  And for 50 cents, Nature Girl sounded like a good investment. That is less that what I might spend on overdue fees.

Pot Holders and Nature Girl
We hit a couple of sales that didn't really have anything that we needed and were good times to show the Little Ones that we needn't buy something just because it was cheap or there. They had their own money so they were jonesing to spend it on just about anything so we had to talk them out of a couple of impulse buys.

I got Aubri a cute shirt and myself 2 pair of earrings at the next sale.

$1.50 Haul

One woman even had  a sign on her garage with "Our CRAP Could Be YOUR CRAP". Yeah, I bought a bin of her crap for 75 cents. I only wanted the cool rain poncho but there were also some unused paper clips, a gift bag, luggage tags and 2 set of cute little plain note cards in there.

Bin o' Crap

And the last sale we hit, I bought some faux pearls to go with some earrings I already have and a bead necklace that looked like I might be able to polish it to it's former glory... We'll see.

Junk Jewelry
I had a limit of $30 to spend all morning at the sales and I am happy to report that I came home with $21.75.

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