20 March 2014

Day Tripping

We didn't have any big plans for Spring Break this year as we've been busy with soccer, basketball, track and everything else our children are into these days. But we did squeeze in a day trip to a very cool aquarium.

Looking for the Purple Fish
Cool pool with lots of little "Nemo" fish and 2 bright purple fish.

Under the Sea
Under the Sea
Patrick Looks Hungover (and a bit doughier than normal)
I feel the same way sometimes after a big meal!

Now I know what my goldfish and tadpoles see when they look up...

Stingray Saying "Hello"
This little guy was getting a little fresh with Aubri.


We saw the cool shark tank and at times it was almost like we were in the water with them. Except for the loud kid noises which surely would have caused the sharks to swarm.


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