04 November 2013


We've been spending some time digging in the front yard lately.  After so many years of trying to weed out the Johnson grass (?) from the Monkey Grass and to shape the Quince, we've called it quits on both offenders.

  Moved Borders

See? That was a gnarled messy clump of shrubs, monkey grass and johnson grass...
I thought I might regret digging up the Quince, but I don't. Maybe for a second when I discovered some tiny (now dead) snakes living in the base of the quince.  The only thing that was allowed to stay in that area is the Echinacea and I hope it grows back thicker next year.

I think it looks better without the quince...of course we need a load of dirt to even things out now but....

Natural Beauty
I may miss it in the spring though.... lucky for me I have another huge Quince in the back yard!

I spent a lot of time digging in the flower beds too and while I am not completely done with the monkey grass eradication effort, I am done with this bed for now.


I don't normally plant a lot of stuff this time of year but in the middle of digging up so much I needed to make a run to Home Depot. I came back with some pretty mums that needed to go into that bed. No biggie. The rest of the projects involve taking things out so stayed tuned for some really ugly "before" pictures and hopefully some nice "after" photos.

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