29 July 2013

Cut Short

David finally got his summer cut (at his request/insistence) and Aubri wanted her hair buzzed too.

Of course there was NO WAY I was about to cut off ALL of her gorgeous locks but she did need a haircut so I obliged her.

He looks so handsome!

Still a curly girl!

And this summer in between Ketiesha's hair appointments/dos, Emi has been working on caring for her own hair and it's been really nice. She can even straighten it herself if she wants. I think she's doing a terrific job.

Researching Music
Lovely twists


  1. Nolita, would you please tell your children their hair is GORGEOUS?! Mine is stick-straight and I used to "wish" it would be curly (with a few bad perms as a result, lol.) I love seeing all the variations in God's creation, including hair! (I'm finally happy with mine now -- straight -- too.)

    1. I will, Kim. Aubri is the only one who gets tired of hearing how beautiful her locks are. We are working on a sweet smile and "Thank you" vice the eye rolling thing. I am accepting of my straight Asian (sometimes unruly Irish0 hair too. I did spend of lot of money and time in the 80's-90's trying to get it to look like Aubri's though...bygones!


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