06 June 2013


Spring has not been kind to many in Oklahoma but the rains have transformed our place.

Remember this sad pond 2 months ago?

April 2013
It's now getting crazy with the water hyacinth and pond lettuce. I have a feeling we'll be fishing some of those plants out for the compost pile on a daily basis while the growing season is upon us.

I like it!
I bought a pretty black diamond crape myrtle pictured in the lower right corner there and I'm not sure where I will plant it yet.  Maybe right there or maybe to the left of the pond where I am extracting a voluntary tree. I think it will be a beautiful addition to the yard.

And the figs are growing!

Yum! Yum!

We harvested a few asparagus spears and then one day when I wasn't looking,  I had asparagus ferns!

Now, when I walk into my back yard I am surrounded by the aroma of magnolia blooms.  From the shallow end of the pool, the Lavender is intoxicating and at the diving board, it's a tie between spearmint and lemon balm. I took some samples from my yard to take the scents indoors to enjoy a little  longer...


My back yard is a sanctuary that is quickly getting out of control and turning into a jungle.

I have sweet potatoes growing in every available pot. Actually, I have decorative sweet potato growing in 2 pots out back, and organic yams growing in some pots on the porch. I don't know what to expect this year, but I am enjoying things so far.

Last weekend we were releasing a wayward bullfrog into the creek behind our property - she was trying to take up residence in our back yard and we were just not that into her - when we heard the Barred Owls talking to each other. One was high in a tree to the West of us hooting and another answered from the South. And then another joined the conversation. It was neat hearing them again.

And then yesterday, I was down at the creek capturing some pictures of the bamboo when I heard a rustling in the bamboo. I thought maybe it was another fox, but upon further examination, I saw it was a DEER!


Closer Look

This poor girl got herself trapped in my neighbor's yard it seems. I am guessing that she wandered into their yard or jumped the fence and doesn't know how to get back out. I heard her at 2:56am making an awful panicky sound trying to find her way out. I thought she might have made her way out this morning, but tonight Aubri and I ventured down to the creek and saw here still there. Poor thing.


  1. I have to check my fig trees too!!!!!

  2. Hey there! I am heading to your blog to see if you have pics of figs too.


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