04 March 2013

Oahu Recap (Part 2)

On the second day, at the recommendation of a local engineer working with us, we checked out Kahuku Grill. We stopped at Ted's Bakery first but it was crazy busy so we opted to try for Ted's the next day.

  Kahuku Grill (obvs)

Maybe it was my headache or maybe from lack of sleep and coffee, but this place was just ok for me. I ordered a fish sandwich trying to stay light and healthy and it came to me smothered in onions and cheese. "Normal me" might have loved that but I was not feeling normal. But the fries they accidentally served with my sandwich were really tasty.

Hawaii Beach

After work we decided to drive around some more and hit Sunset Beach (at least I think it was Sunset Beach...will have to get confirmation on that.).

I rolled up my pant legs and dipped my feet in at this beach and was surprised by the coolness of the water. I guess I shouldn't have been because it was still February!


After we left, we kept on driving. I told you that I have been on all of the highways of HI... 



Halona Blowhole, Oahu South Shore
I read that in the winter you can see humpback whale and honu (Hawaiian green sea turtles) from here (Hanauma Bay). We didn't see anything near as exciting but the geyser shooting up at high tide was pretty cool.



I will have to find out the names of the places in the pictures above...be back later...

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