23 March 2013


Even though I was dead tired after our day trip South of Norman, I HAD to try making some toasted pecan butter before the day was over. (And I also had to take my 5th grader and her friend out chalking! My how things have changed!)

I toasted 2 cups of our shelled pecans in my cast iron skillet until they were fragrant (about 7 minutes stirring often on med-hi heat).

Making Roasted Pecan Butter

Then I processed 1 cup in my food processor for about 5 minutes. At first I thought I was going to end up with toasted pecan meal until the pecans gave up their oil and became a nice butter. I added only sea salt to this batch and a dash of cinnamon to the second batch.

Roasted Pecan Butter

This was very satisfying for breakfast on toast with some of that wonderful MIO Strawberry Lavender jam.

Pecan Butter and Strawberry Lavender Jam on Toast

* Made in Oklahoma

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  1. THANK YOU for posting your pecan butter "how to," Nolita! I'm looking forward to trying this.


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