20 January 2013

Home Again, Home Again

During our road trip Emi had a cough that seemed to get progressively worse so I decided to take her into the Urgent Clinic when we got back to Norman. And Aubri's face had a slightly sandpapery rashy look to it, making me suspect she might have strep, so I took her in just in case. Not the best way to start off a new year...

Emi ended up with Bronchitis and while Aubri did not have strep, the doctor thought she had some sort of virus that she was fighting and just wanted me to keep an eye on her.

Emi is now bronchitis-free (Thank God) and David and Aubri are now on antibiotics for upper respiratory infections. And I am looking forward to the day when all of the coughing in my house stops...seems like everyone (besides me, thank God) has a runny nose these days...

So anyway, we're not moving to Florida (yet, anyway). We're back home waiting to find out what our new normal will be...working, back in school, yada, yada, yada...

Our little road trip was rejuvenating in that we got to hang with loved ones even for just a few days. We needed that.

And, I also almost saw an ALLIGATOR!

I was certain that this time I would spot an alligator in the creek that borders my mom's property. I had my eyes peeled when I saw movement. I almost soiled myself when I realized it wasn't a scary alligator...

But a cute little otter!

Can you see it? (Ogo Pogo?)

That's as good as it gets with capture this cute creature. I'm told that the otters came to this creek because there were plenty of tropical fish flowing over from a nearby fish farm.

Anyway, we've been busy trying to stay healthy: physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. We're purging and reusing and repurposing and trying to be good stewards of the stuff we've been blessed with. 

Hoping that 2013 finds you blessed beyond words!


  1. Nolita, I'm so glad to hear your family is on the mend and that you haven't succumbed to it. Yes, thank God for that -- and also for your stewardship. It's nice to read your thoughts on appreciating blessings. Had to laugh about "almost seeing an alligator" -- we trucked across Alligator Alley in southern Florida several times and I only saw ONE. Your otter is much cuter!

    1. Knocking wood over here for me to stay healthy. Our contract rolled over so I don't have any leave built up.... I am taking fish oil and pau d'arco in an effort to not come down down with any of the nasty stuff I'm reading about on FB. Hope you and yours are fairing well on the lake.

      W.r.t. the alligator, I grew up (well, until I was 10) a few blocks from my mom's place and we DID see alligators in our ponds back then. They came up from the creek and buried their eggs in the banks. I used to swim in the same creeks and ponds. Things sure were different back then...

      Stay healthy and be blessed!


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