18 January 2013

Catching Up, Part 2

On the way to Lola's house we stopped by the new Trader Joe's in Gainesville and stocked up on wine and chocolate and other goodies.

We had only been at Lola's for a few minutes before the kids started harvesting citrus from her trees.


It was balmy and warm and nice. Love South Florida this time of year!
Under the Mistletoe (with Lola!)
Under the Massive Mistletoe

I actually miss the Spanish Moss

It is so beautiful and peaceful here at my mom's....

Kumquats - we brought back a ton of these!
My Family
Fishing off Lola's pier
Golf Cart
Emi testing out her driving skills with Lola's golf cart (and I'm in a tank top in JANUARY!!!)

Too Cute

We didn't do much besides eat, sleep and be merry at my mom's place. We did get to IKEA to get some wire baskets for the Little Ones' closet (and lunch) but that was the only outing...

For New Year's we made (and ate) a lot of food and karaoked with a couple of my mom's friends. It was a very laid back way to ring in the new year. Poor Emi was coughing her head off and was miserable.

David Took This on NYE
David took this picture...

Dancing with Lola
Dancing with Lola
The next day we needed to head back home so we packed up Beulah and said good bye to Lola and headed down the road.

Stuffing His Pockets
Stuffing his pockets with kalamansi

Loaded up with kalamansi

Me and My Mom
Me and My Mom
About 10 minutes after we left my mom's place, my mom called me and in a stage whisper asked "Hey Nolita, where's your dog?" Whoopsie!

So we turned around to retrieve our sweet little Gracie girl who had no idea that we had left her behind. She was sleeping in front of the refrigerator...

And then we were on on way again...

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