24 November 2012

Nuts for Fall

More to Come

Bumper Crop

The leaves are falling and so are the pecans. These 2 trug tubs have been filled to the brim and we've given away a few gallon sized bags to friends and family already. Love reaping the free food from our back yard. Last year we weren't so lucky. Right after I took the picture above, I spent about 30 minutes raking leaves and collecting more pecans and that red tub is now full. I'm guestimating that we will probably fill at least another trug full...


  1. Nolita, how do you shell those? I have an abundance of them, too, but this is my first year as a "pecan picker upper!" Will await your reply... :)

    1. Hi Kim, these are the paper shell variety which have the outer shell. Is that what kind you have? That outer shell comes off easy once it's ready. I usually have my man shell them for me and we gift them unshelled. ;.) We lost/misplaced our nutcracker tools sometime over the past year so Scott and Emi just crush 2 nuts against each other to start the process. It works but it can be a tedious process... I am tempted to make a home made pecan pie but I'm trying to be good (so I don't have to buy bigger pants).


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