11 November 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby (Girl)

The leaves changed when I went to NY and it's all of a sudden Autumn in Oklahoma!


I approve!

Today we celebrated Aubri's 4th birthday. Can you tell she was tired of smiling for the camera?

Fake Smile
Birthday card from her lola....

Happy Birthday!
She requested a birthday cookie and so she got.... 

I am so glad to be back home with my family.  It's been a long week away from them.  I think the weather followed me back from New York because soon after I got home, it got cold and rainy... I don't mind though because I am HOME and also, it's November!

I was reviewing some of the pics I took from the plane for David (he's got a split career in Aviation and Acting in his future) and I found this lovely one I captured on our ascent from LaGuardia. So beautiful and peaceful (made even more so with my foam ear plugs).

What I imagine it looks like on the way to heaven....
I hope you've had a wonderful weekend and that you are enjoying Autumn where you are, friends!

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