24 June 2012

Things Kids Say

The other day while we were swimming, David was showing me how he could jump off the diving board and do the "toothpick" or "pencil" keeping his body completely straight with pointed toes as he jumped into the pool. Aubri, not to be outdone, said "Look at me, I'm a stylus!". Too cute! How many 3 year olds even know what a stylus is?

And a few weeks ago as we were driving around town, little Aubri was not able to keep up with her brother and sister who were calling out punch buggies and their colors right and left. In an effort to insert herself into the game she happily chirped "Punch buggy: no!" without missing a beat. Very creative little girl!

Yesterday, at my friend's son's b-day party, David was hungry and mentioned this out loud to my friend's wife. She came back with a suggestion of grapes and asked David how that sounded and from the pool, he immediately came back with "Grapes suck!". I was mortified! I had never heard David say "sucks" before and I assured the parents there (who were laughing at his comment) that he'd never said that before and then I (embarrassed) turned to David and asked him what he said. He said "I said 'Great Scott!'" and it did sound a lot like "Grapes Suck" if you were expecting your kid to say something punky and rude. But I know David loves grapes and he is a polite little boy especially in these type of situations. I told everyone that he was either getting really good at lying/covering up or he was actually telling the truth. I do believe he was telling the truth because he loves to say "Great Scott!" quoting from his Flip the Horse book.


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