11 June 2012

Slow My Roll

This last week has been kinda crazy for me. I was in Orlando for 6 days at IBM Innovate 2012 so my days were cram packed with learning and networking and firehose drinking sessions.  Along with all of the education, I found motivation and inspiration for projects (work and art and cooking) and I was able to find some cool wedges at the Ralph Lauren outlet and a chocolate brown polka dot bikini at JCrew (that was soooo not on my list but I love my new suit).  I had a blast but I was ready to get back home to my family.

Many things happened while I was away. My little girl made the competive soccer team and then turned around to make it onto a competitive basketball team. I am so proud of her determination and ambition. She chose to channel her energy into the basketball team and we are so proud.

Emi and Ashley Paris
Emi and Ashley Paris

My family attended the first Summer Breeze concert without me. ;.(

While I was still in Florida I found out from friends that a sweet doggie needed a home. When I arrived home late Thursday evening, that sweet girl was waiting for me.
We are all in love with this pup!

Friday and Saturday were a blur of appointments, errands, spring cleaning, pool parties, yada yada yada... but today was about slowing things down a bit. After church we came home and had lunch, then a nice long nap (Gracie took a nap with Aubri and me) and then we hung out in the pool until dinner time.

Hope you have had a relaxing weekend too, friends!


  1. oh my word you have been crazy busy! I've been reading your posts. Don't recall if I've stopped to post a comment or not.

    Hope you are loving your new puppy. She is a doll. BTW totally jealous about the bikini. Have not been in one of thoses well I don't remember when. haha Honestly I'm happy you found a suit you love. That's hard to do.

    Have a great day!

    1. Jackie, my favorite color is chocolate brown (with baby aqua right up there) so I was happy to find a suite that I fit into for $15 at JCrew. That does not mean I'll be prancing around in it for sure, just around family in the privacy of my back yard. I see you've been busy too...glad it involved time with loved ones! Good to hear from you!


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