07 June 2012

Sea (My) World

Tonight was really cool. IBM rented out Sea World for us and we got to ride the rides and see the animals. I enjoyed the smell of gardenia everywhere and the view of the humongous craepe myrtles and the flora in general. Every time I come to Florida I leave inspired botanically. I hope this inspiration lasts because I have a lot of notes to transcribe and people to e-mail and stuff to test/plan/do when I get back....and that stuff does not involve flora, I'm afraid...

This animal creeped me out!

And this one looked like a giant slug!

And this guy was sooooo cute - posing for the camera. Poser!

Looking for Pirates (or the treasure map, I forget)
I also saw a pregnant dolphin in the dolphin nursery and Shamu splashing it up.

The last part of the night was taken up by these guys:


I was transported back to middle school when Juke Box Hero came out  and it was all the rage with the neighbor boys. And then back to 10th grade with I Want to Know What Love Is. It was a nice little concert with a nice downpour of rain right in the middle.


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