22 June 2012

Long Day

Thursday was a L-O-N-G start to the long weekend. I am not complaining because it was packed with fun. My office had a team building event complete with picnic and activities at the park, and family members were included. ;.)

My clan was there at the ready to eat BBQ, play on the playground, toss around the frisbee and play bocce ball.

And amaze my co-workers...

So Proud of My Children (Part 1)

So Proud of My Children (Part 2)

That was the first half of the day. There was no nap for the Little Ones and after almost 5 hours of running around outside (for all of us) and 2 hours of basketball practice (for Emi), we met up with my parents and sister and her family for her son's 21st b-day celebration. I can't believe I have a nephew that is now 21!  And that he has cousins who are only 3, 4 and almost 10!

We crashed the party at O'Connell's for about 5 minutes.

My Little Leprechaun

Then we went to Fuzzy's for drinks and snacketizers.


So this is my BABY sister who has the kid (Merit Scholar at OU, I might add)....and I, her older and wiser (ahem) sister who has the little Pre-Kers and 5th grader. Guess I am a late bloomer on this motherhood thing.

On the way over to Joe's Taverna (which turned out to be a bust on those of us under 21), Aubri modeled a rustic and stunning trough filled with beautiful flowers and foliage....in a color that speaks to me.

Lovely Tub of Flowers
Hello, Turquoise! This trough of lovelies is on my list!

We actually ran into Joe himself and we reminisced about the Old Days when I was a young whipper snapper and used to frequent his establishment... That was a long time ago, folks. And I think there is still photographical evidence of it hanging up in there. (I know there is at Brothers.)

I can't believe these 2 people (whom I love very much) are old enought to have a 21 yr old kid (and an 18 year old too!).

Deanna & Gabe @ The Mont

Can you?

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