06 June 2012

Augmented Reality

Earlier this week a "social concierge" coerced us into having a photo taken with Michio Kaku.

* grainy photo ganked from the IBM Innovate Facebook page.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Michio, he's the co-founder of string theory. Click below to see him speak (as we saw him this morning).

Watch live streaming video from ibmrational at livestream.com

Gorgeous painting of Koi in the gallery at the Swan and Dolphin

My office type area away from home...

Jaguar Land Rover guy speaking about latest infotainment advances in the new Jags 

My understated phone case - it doesn't scream Mickey...
A couple of weeks ago Scott's best friend Brian gave me an OtterBox commuter case for my BlackBerry. I was happy to have a tough case as my white leather case was rather beat up. That night after I figured out how to put together my new case, I tossed my worn case in the trash. Later I found out that the case was not quite built for my model so I was in search of a new case. Scott ordered me another OtterBox but I canceled that order when I thought maybe I could find that elusive giraffe print case (I didn't). During a break I was looking for souveneirs when I came across my new phone case. (I also got a neoprene case from IBM so I'm good on the cell phone cases for now...)

I've been enjoying the training/sessions/friends/vendors/events but I am ready to be back with my family again... I am missing them so much!

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