16 March 2012

My Girl

Yesterday we passed by the super secret location of the Anonymous Tulip Planting during rush hour and noticed several purple tulips! They were hidden in a big patch of dead nettle and henbit and wild onion (what's is UP with the weeds this year?) but they were there for the passersby to enjoy. I am hoping for more pops of color to share with the world on this fairly busy street.

Today I went with Emi and her classmates to the Museum of Art (4th grade students are fortunate to be part of the pARTner Project). Love that we can walk from our house to this museum and so many other wonderful places! It was nice to hang out with her and her schoolmates for a while. We got to tour part of the new wing of the museum and then we got to make clay pots downstairs. It was a very relaxing project, rolling the clay in long "snakes" that spiraled on top of each other to form layers...smoothing the lines in between each layer. We should have our pots back from the museum after Spring Break.

At The Fred Jones Museum of Art
At the Museum of Art (we were getting ready to head back to the school for a picnic lunch...

Scary Masks
Some of the masks surrounding us as we worked...

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